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Learning to Make Money Work for You… the Affordable Quality Homes Story

Before you make a life-changing investment in your future, it’s important to get to know the people you’re dealing with. You’ll want to make sure your partners have a successful track record, hard-earned experience and your best interest at heart. Just think… you wouldn’t trust a broke accountant would you?

Hi, my name is Scott Kilpatrick. I’m the owner and founder of Affordable Quality Homes. I’d like to take a couple of minutes to talk with you about how we’ve become known as Central Queensland’s preferred Builder of Wholesale Investment Homes.

If you’ve heard me speak, you’ll notice my accent. I was born in California but moved to Brisbane with my family when I was eleven years old. My first job out of high school was glamorous – digging holes for a fencing contractor. It was great for building my muscles… but not my financial future. I started to understand what my father meant when he’d told me…

“Either work for money or get money to work for you”

In 1980, I returned to California with my homesick parents. After three years, I began to realise Australia was truly my home.

So I made the tough decision to pack up, leave my family and return to Queensland. I spent the next six years working in the building industry as an Estimator/Draftsman.

During this time, I met my wife Meleese at our church. I married her in 1986 and we now have six lovely children on our 1200-acre property between Rockhampton and Yeppoon.

Whilst working in the building industry, I quickly noticed the particularly poor attitude Builders had towards customer service. It appeared Builders only wanted to work to fix-out stage then walk away, taking little responsibility for anything else once they were paid.

I remember one Builder even trying to talk customers into doing their own painting… just so they could bank the money and drive off as soon as possible!

True story!!

One day, a casual conversation with Real Estate Agent Frank Brady revealed to me a market NO ONE was addressing. This market wanted the complete package from their Builder…light fittings, floor coverings, curtains, driveways, clothes hoists…just so they could buy the complete package then hand the keys straight to the real estate agent, ready for rental or sale.

So, in 1991, I stepped into the home building business for myself. Affordable Quality Homes was created, ready to service the market I’d discovered. We quickly climbed to being one of the top 2 Builders in the Central Queensland area.

In the late 90’s, we followed the conventional wisdom of the time… ‘people are solely driven by price’. So, we tried to find ways to make the homes we built less expensive…but the market soon told us we were wrong. We slipped from being the #2 Builder in Rockhampton, all the way down to #13.

Even though our male customers kept telling us they were interested ONLY in the best price, the real decision-makers were making choices based on quality and value. Who were they? Our female customers – the wives and partners of the people we’d listened to first.

So, we started to survey our customers to find out exactly what they wanted. The things we learned completely changed our business forever. From that point, we focused entirely on responding to our customer’s needs.

We value our customers’ feedback immensely and enjoy solving their problems. We may not be the biggest Builder in town but you’ll soon find out how hard we’ll work to help you find what you are looking for.

In the meantime, my wife and I went through an extremely challenging period of our lives. Our second son, Rhys, was born six weeks premature… with some serious medical problems. I’ll never forget the doctor telling me not to buy him clothes, toys or presents. He just didn’t think Rhys would survive.

For the first time, I understood the sheer preciousness of life. My priorities changed in an instant. Time with my loved ones was all that mattered.

Baby Rhys pulled through and is now a healthy, strong fitness coach. I’m a very proud and grateful Dad. I thank God every day for helping my child recover.

A terrible disaster can teach you valuable lessons. I learned I wanted more than anything to give my children the gift of time, attention and presence… but at the same time as feeding them, clothing them and putting a roof over their heads? I simply couldn’t do both working 12 hours a day. The only way possible was to follow my father’s advice. I had to make money work FOR me.

I knew many of my customers were property investors with lucrative portfolios. I started to ask them a few questions. One customer suggested I read a book popular with coal miners at the time called ‘Building Wealth Through Investment Property’ by Jan Somers. Many people had been inspired by the book to purchase a new residential property per year. Their ultimate goal was to own 10 properties in 10 years…the ‘Ten Year Plan’.

I had to give it a go. I started to build my own portfolio using our own newly formed ‘Affordable Quality Homes’. I’m so glad I listened to my customers!

Meleese and I have now done quite well with our strategy of investing in new, low-maintenance residential properties. I’ve been able to take control of my family’s quality of life due to the passive income we’ve been able to generate from our tenants.

Initially, our portfolio was ‘negatively geared’ for the tax advantage. Now, we have them all positively geared – meaning we have no ‘losses’ out of our own pocket needing reimbursement from the taxman. Since rents keep rising and interest rates remain low, money is attracted to us.

Keep in mind the passive income is simply a bonus… our eyes are really on the long-term capital gains. I’d like to emphasise this process is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. We’re talking about building generational wealth. I want to show you how we did it… and hope you will flatter us by asking for our help to copy our formula for success.

I have been so inspired to keep helping others on the road to financial freedom, I even wrote a step by step, super easy plan in my book ‘How to Succeed in Tough Times – Easy Ways to Survive and Thrive in Times Like This!’

Since 1991, we have constructed over 2000 of Central Queensland’s finest homes. Many of our customers have gone onto become multimillionaires through property investment. One of the great rewards of my job is to continually help people like you achieve their dreams of owning a multi-property portfolio, and get money to work for you while you enjoy life to the fullest.

One of Affordable Quality Homes’ great assets is our key Housing Specialist Craig Kelly. We’d like to introduce him to you too. Craig is a self- made millionaire in his own right with an impressive property portfolio. Craig was a Qualified Carpenter and Registered Builder before me, and joined us in 1991 when he realised Affordable Quality Homes could give him a meaningful career helping people achieve their goals. Meleese and I trust Craig implicitly because he always puts your interest ahead of his own… a very rare quality in a person indeed.

Affordable Quality Homes is proud to offer you the chance to increase your own portfolios of wholesale investment properties. We know you’ll find this information package helpful in learning more about how to build your financial future.

Your 7 Safe and Easy Steps to a Multi-Property Portfolio Using a Wholesale Investment Home Builder

Property Investment is Simple and Low Risk… When You Know How!

Fear and doubt.
Two of the most destructive human emotions of all… but they’re the driving force behind many of our most important decisions. Do you fear letting your loved ones down because you doubt your own capabilities?
How many opportunities have you botched because of doubt? How often have you let your fears stop your potential in its tracks? We understand… we’ve all been there.
Luckily for you, Affordable Quality Homes is now offering you the benefit of over $100,000 of our novice investment mistakes! Now we’ve got the process down to a profitable fine art, we hope you take this information and feel empowered to overcome your fears and doubts.
The Information will help you live life completely on your own terms. Do you want to sleep peacefully at night untroubled by money worries? Do you want to break away from the bog-standard ‘herd’ mentality? Do you want to be an outrageous financial success?
Then please understand this important truth…
A wholesale investment portfolio can be safely built by almost anyone.
But let’s be clear about one thing… it takes commitment, time and the right guidance, knowledge and support. If you believe you’ll just do one or two small things and expect to wake up rich the next day, you may be dreaming.
This information was compiled for serious investors who understand – outside winning the lottery – wealth is built on the back of the RIGHT decisions made over TIME.
You will find all the information here to help you get started in or build on your property investing journey.
And yes, this includes 5 or more properties in the next 6 or so years… even in THIS market!
Just so you and I are on the same page please read below The 7 Safe and Easy Steps to a Multi-Property Investment Portfolio. It provides a good “base” on which to build your investing knowledge and confidence…

Safe and Easy Step #1 – Understand the Fundamentals

No doubt you’ve heard the saying ‘safe as houses’?
What you may not know is the saying arose out of the British ‘Railway Mania’ in the 1840’s. At the time, a speculative rush on investment in some new technology – the railway – ended in an inevitable bubble, mass panic and a devastating crash.
In stark contrast, British property prices were continuing to rise steadily, just as they had since records began centuries before.
Historically, property has proven to be a very safe investment strategy. Australia continues to grow. Human beings always require a solid shelter. Families always need a place to raise their children. With these fundamentals unlikely to change, capital growth can be virtually assured.

But… what about the US housing crash?

Let’s deal with the “elephant” in the property investing “room”… the Global Financial Crisis. The devastation in the subprime US housing market seems to overtly challenge the historical evidence about property capital growth.
Can it happen in Australia?
Possible except not likely. Australia has the safe guards in place to address this.
Our population growth is the highest in the developed world, with recent ABS figures showing Central Queensland is one of the fastest growing regions in the State. We have a housing shortage of 183,000 homes and rising. Our mineral resources are in increasing demand. Our financial institutions are subject to MUCH tighter regulations, leading them to behave more prudently and avoid excessive risks.
Plus, Australian home prices have continued to double on average every 8-10 years without exception. It’s an indisputable fact.
Figure 1 below shows Australia’s median house price from 1960 to 2006. As you can see, apart from some flat spots (eg late 1980s, 2004) prices have continued to rise.
Fig 1. Australian Historical Median House Prices
Again, you’ll notice some “flat” spots but all the indicators are that property will continue to rise and meet past trends of “doubling every 8 – 10 years”.


That’s the past I hear you say? What about the future? Good questions every savvy investor will have in their minds.
Of course, no one can predict the future with 100% accuracy, but based on past trends and taking into account likely risks and future events, we can get at least a partial picture of what might happen.
Figure 2 shows the OECD AMP Capital Australia projections.
Fig 2. Future Projected Australian Median House Prices


Who relies on Affordable Quality Homes?

Meet the types of people who find Affordable Quality Homes a great partner to work with when building wholesale investment homes.

Miners Sick of Paying Way Too Much Tax

Why? Because you’re building futures.

You’re working hard, contributing to the wealth of the nation whilst also making the best personal advantage of the minerals industry.


You’re paying TOO MUCH TAX!

So, you’re searching for a way to reduce your tax bill each year AND build your wealth at the same time. Hello property investment! You’ll be able to claim borrowing costs through ‘negative gearing’; claim deductions for repairs, professional fees and insurance; and even recoup costs of yearly depreciation on construction and fixtures.

Recognising and capitalizing on opportunities to create wealth is exactly how Affordable Quality Homes began, so we understand how you operate. We spotted a gap in the market, realized most Builders couldn’t wait to drive off with your money leaving you to finish laying carpets, driveways and lawns. We offered a one stop ‘hand your keys straight to the rental property manager’ service and quickly became one of the top Builders in Central Queensland. Gold class service is one of our many guarantees to you.

Whilst you’re busy working, we’ll be taking meticulous care of your building project for you. You’ll receive twice-weekly reports from site, including photos of your property’s progress sent straight to your email address. You’re welcome to call us anytime with your questions or organize a visit. Once the job’s done, we’ll hand the keys to your real estate agent, leaving you and your investment property to do what you do best… earn money for you.

Professional Investors Who ‘Buy and Flip’

Why? Because you understand the numbers involved — and know there is money to be made.

You’re aware of Australia’s massive housing shortage of 183,000 homes. You know demand exceeds supply which is why various levels of government keep coming up with incentive schemes.

And you understand the mindset of a certain part of the market who prefer to buy a home they can physically see which has already been built, despite the higher price tag when purchased through a real estate agent.

You’re also one of the few who know self-managed super funds cannot build property but can buy finished homes… opening up another segment of the market.

The best part is you grasp that Central Queensland is such a steady growth market it is possible to pick up a profit of between $30,000 and $50,000 per transaction.

So Affordable Quality Homes is a natural fit for you!

Mum and Dad Investors with kids

Why? Because you’ve got precious lives in your hands.

Your kids’ lives! Yes, they cost you a fortune but you love them more than life itself. I should know, I have six of my own! Your kids are now growing up in a world vastly different to the one we were raised in. Mobile phones, the Internet and iPads are all part of their everyday experience now, whether or not we like it.

Since the Global Financial Crisis, life’s been a whole lot tougher for families everywhere. The need for financial security to support your children’s health, education and welfare is greater now than ever. I know I intend to leave each of my children their own fully debt-free home.

Set your family up for a solid future by building your own wealth…through purchasing the one asset pretty much guaranteed to double in value ever 7-9 years – residential property.

Affordable Quality Homes can help you take action to safeguard your family’s financial future. We fully agree your family time is precious so we are more than happy to do most of the legwork for you.

Business Owners Broadening their Capital Base

Why? Because you can’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Do you know McDonalds is the largest property owner on earth, after the Catholic Church? Why? Because McDonalds founder Ray Kroc realised the money wasn’t in the Big Macs… it was in the LAND underneath the golden arches. With properties in 119 countries around the world, the McDonalds Corporation grows wealthier each and every day… without even selling a Happy Meal. With a huge capital base underpinning their business, McDonalds is guaranteed to stay financially sound no matter what.

Okay, so you might not be McDonalds, but at least you realize the wisdom of investing your profits in property. We also know first hand the freedom, security and satisfaction that comes from being financial sound. Affordable Quality Homes is happy to help you too…we can’t offer you fries with that though!

Property Investment ‘Rookies’

Why? Because we all have to start somewhere.

No one’s born a property investment expert. Rookies have talent, enthusiasm and drive, but don’t yet have the experience and wisdom of a veteran. While you’re still learning the game, partner up with people who can offer you their wisdom, support and expertise.

With no less than 22 years experience in the property business, be assured you’ll be learning from people ‘in the know’. Affordable Quality Homes began investing in property back in the early 1990s.

Now… we love helping people who are just starting out. You’ll find us happy to answer your questions. We’ll offer suggestions and give you all the benefits of our $100,000 worth of mistakes over the years!

Remember too, the Affordable Quality Homes ‘Safe As Houses’ Guarantee backs you all the way. If you ask us to build one of our 300 home designs on a residential allotment with a standard colour selection… then change your mind for any reason within 6 months… no problem! We’ll buy your house and land back from you at the price you paid for it. There’s no catch, no fine print and absolutely no weasel clause! Does that take care of all your fear, risk and doubt? It really is a win–win situation giving you all the security you may like.

Facts which may interest you…

Historical data shows the 5-year returns after the biggest busts of the past 80 years:
• After the 1932 crash the market rebounded 367%
• After the 1982 crash the market rebounded 251%
• After the 1994 crash the market rebounded 267%
• After the 2001 crash the market rebounded 237%

Downturns are a normal part of the economic cycle and occur on average every 10 – 15 years. You can use this handy piece of knowledge to your advantage. The biggest fortunes have usually been made during and after an economic downturn.
So know you know with property you are…

Investing in a scarce resource… which is fundamentally required by people to live healthy, safe and secure lives… which historically doubles in value each decade. And it makes even more sense to buy wholesale!

Safe and Easy Step #2 – Set Goals

When you begin, it’s important to think ahead, set goals and plan. You’ll need a ‘vision’ to keep you focused, motivated and on track.
Some possibilities are…
• Commit to buying your first property within six months
• Plan to buy 2-3 properties per year making a cash profit of $100,000
• Purchase one property per year for the next 10 years
• Retire whenever you choose
• Give each of your children a property on their 21st birthday

Of course these are just suggestions and your circumstances are unique but…
Your results – and your wealth – will grow in proportion to the goals you set. So determine WHAT you want before committing.
Safe and Easy Step #3 – Choose A Strategy
Once you’ve got your goals in place, select your strategy.
Your strategy is the framework you’ll operate within to achieve your goals.
Two common investment strategies are known as ‘Build and Hold’ and ‘Build and Flip’.
Strategy 1 – Build and Hold
‘Build and hold’ is a long-term investment strategy based on the knowledge your capital will double an average every 8-10 years. The strategy works for property investors interested in:
• Building a portfolio of 10 + properties
• Receiving passive income from rental payments.
• Planning for a worry-free financially secure retirement
• Passing a substantial portfolio of assets on to family members

Strategy 2 – Build and Flip
‘Build and flip’ is a shorter-term investment strategy based on the intention of rapidly buying and selling properties in order to build cash reserves. This strategy works for property investors interested in:
• Building and selling 2-3 properties per year
• Taking advantage of booming property markets in order to make additional income
• Developing skills, experience and know-how in entrepreneurial property investing

Consider which one suits your goals better. What strategy fits your personality and interests?
Affordable Quality Homes is ideally placed and has experience in assisting investors with both of these strategies.
In fact, it’s our specialty, so you’ve come to the right place!!

Safe and Easy Step #4 – Work Only with a Specialist Wholesale Investment Home Builder

Everyone knows buying wholesale gives you a much better deal than the recommended retail price. Mark-ups by the retailer usually start at a minimum of 50% of the cost price. Why spend your hard-earned money boosting someone else’s profit margin?
Consider the following.
A Builder constructing 20 new houses per year sees 20 customers spending 20 minutes at a retailer selling 20 different types of wall ovens and hot plates. It’s pretty obvious where the money is being left on the table here.
A Wholesale Investment Builder can negotiate a far better deal on behalf of customers. A Builder with an established presence and good reputation usually has contacts across the wider building and construction industry. More business for them, better price for you… it’s a win-win situation for everyone.
More savings are passed on when our selection decisions and planning are based on streamlined layouts and colour schemes. It’s fairly simple economics… less waste and more efficiency keep unnecessary costs down. A bigger builder with access to wholesale pricing can pass these benefits straight onto you.

Safe and Easy Step #5 – Research, Research, Research

We’ve all heard ‘location, location, location’ is THE most important factor in real estate. Well… that’s just one part of the story. Knowing where, when and why to buy property in the perfect location is even more crucial. Let’s take our very own Rockhampton as an example…
Existing infrastructure
As locals are well aware, Rockhampton’s greatest asset remains our close proximity to Queensland’s booming mining sector and meat processing operations. Savvy property investors will also recognise the advantages of Rockhampton’s plentiful infrastructure… hospitals, transport connections and a university campus. These make promising conditions for local investors.
Stock on market
Stock on market refers to the amount of unsold properties available in the marketplace. As of October 2016, Rockhampton had only 709 houses and apartments on the market. This is a significant drop from October 2008, when 2370 properties were available for sale. Properties have clearly been snapped up over the recent years as the mining boom continues to drive investment and population growth in the area. (source: sqm research)
Vacancy rates
Rental vacancy rates indicate demand for rental properties across a region. A vacancy rate of 3.5% in any given area is considered a ‘balanced market’. Any figure below 3.5% indicates a scarcity of rental properties available.
Rockhampton has a current vacancy rate of 3.1%… a tight market with high demand for rental properties. (source: sqm research)
Gross yield
The gross yield refers to the annual income earned from a tenanted property divided by the purchase price. You’ll need to calculate whether the gross rental yield in your area of interest is worth your time, effort and investment. Current rental yield on properties in Rockhampton at present are running at 7.1%… a decent level of return by most standards. (source:

Safe and Easy Step #6 – Don’t Procrastinate, Act!

Once you completed your research, it’s time to start making decisions, secure land and getting your plans straight into action.
Completing thorough research and planning is all part of completing your due diligence, but it’s NO excuse for letting good opportunities to buy wholesale pass you by. Many investors make the mistake of waiting for the perfect property in spotless condition in the best possible location. Don’t fall into this trap.
If your research indicates a particular property is a good buy which meets the requirements of your strategy… put in an offer without delay. By procrastinating … you simply delay the accumulation of equity in your portfolio.

Due diligence done?
Don’t hesitate
Take action

Safe and Easy Step #7 – Review and Adjust

  • Reviewing every part of your wholesale property investment plan every 12 months minimum is crucial. Ask:
  • Is my strategy working?
  • Where can I cut unnecessary costs?
  • What’s changed in my personal life?
  • How do I best respond to current economic conditions?
  • Are my goals still relevant and important?
  • Am I getting the best deal on my finance?
  • Is my structure giving me the best possible tax outcomes?

A 12-month review with each member of your expert team is highly recommended.
Building a multi-property investment portfolio is a safe and easy way to create wealth. With capital growth virtually assured over the long-term, it’s a winning strategy… one well worth the time, energy and personal commitment.
Affordable Quality Homes is Central Queensland’s specialist Wholesale Investment Home Builder. We’re committed to helping you achieve your investment goals… whatever your strategy. We’ll help you whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned investor with a string of properties to your name.
I invite you to take the short self-assessment quiz below because it will give you a good understanding of exactly where you’re “at” in terms of your readiness to invest.
And if you’re ready to “go” you’ll find Affordable Quality Homes a proven source of wholesale house and land packages suited to creating a safe and easy multi-property investment portfolio.
Are You Ready to Invest – Take this Quiz to Find Out
Take This Quick and Easy Self-Assessment Quiz and See if You’re the Right Investor to Build with Affordable Quality Homes.
Mark each question as you go, your first, “instinctive” response is usually the most correct.

SET A: Mindset Questions – True Wealth Begins With the Right Thought Processes
1. Do you want more from life? [ ] YES [ ] NO
2. Do you want to be independently wealthy? [ ] YES [ ] NO
3. Are you unsure about how to achieve these goals? [ ] YES [ ] NO
4. Do you understand there is no such thing as “get rich quick” and the path to real wealth is “build wealth steady”? [ ] YES [ ] NO
5. Do you want a comfortable retirement, rather than have to rely on a pension to “get by”? [ ] YES [ ] NO
6. Are you open to new ideas and skills to build wealth? [ ] YES [ ] NO
7. Do you believe you have the right to be wealthy? [ ] YES [ ] NO

SET B: The Numbers Questions – The Maths Must Work In Your Favour
1. Do you have a stable job and income (or business with accurate figures kept for three years) earning at least $60,000 p.a.? [ ] YES [ ] NO
2. Do you have equity in your family home which you can draw on? [ ] YES [ ] NO
3. Do you already own an investment property but are going “nowhere” financially? [ ] YES [ ] NO
4. Do you have cash flow per week to fund an
investment (even, say, $120) [ ] YES [ ] NO
5. Do you have a good “credit history rating”? [ ] YES [ ] NO
6. Do you already own a block of residential land ? [ ] YES [ ] NO

SET C: The Experience Questions – Where Do You ‘Fit’ on The Experience Scale?

1. Do you understand negative gearing? [ ] YES [ ] NO
2. Do you understand “cash flow positive” investments? [ ] YES [ ] NO
3. Do you understand creating wealth comes through acquiring assets? [ ] YES [ ] NO
4. Do you understand that working for money is vastly different
to having money work for you? (Especially other peoples money) [ ] YES [ ] NO
5. Are you aware that there are many taxation benefits
available to property investors? [ ] YES [ ] NO
6. Do you understand the value of proven, time-tested expert advice? [ ] YES [ ] NO
7. Are you prepared to listen to and act on advice? [ ] YES [ ] NO

Your Results:

SET A – Mindset: If you answered “YES” to a minimum of 4 of these 6 questions your mindset is predisposed to creating wealth. Well done, that’s the first step! If most of your answers were “NO” please go back to browsing Face Book now as this quiz was written to eliminate you. Affordable Quality Homes enjoys working with Investors whose mindset is geared towards wealth creation.

SET B – Numbers: If you answered “YES” to at least 5 of these 7 questions then there is a good chance you can become a successful professional property investor with the help of Affordable Quality Homes. Your numbers, as defined by this questionnaire, give you a clear advantage compared to many other hopeful investors. So far so good!

SET C – Experience: If you answered “YES” to at least 4 of these 7 questions you have a good grounding in investment basics. It should be relatively easy for you to build a property portfolio enabling you to create strong and lasting wealth. If you struggled with these questions, don’t worry, you can still be a successful property investor. After all, everyone starts somewhere! Simply answering “YES” to even one of these questions indicates you are capable of success… provided you follow a proven system.

Thanks for taking the time to complete this quiz. As you know, taking ACTION is one trait all successful, wealthy people possess. What will your next ACTION be?
If you are serious about creating wealth through safe and secure property investing then don’t delay, call now on 07 4936 4531 or go to and get the ball rolling… it could just be the one ACTION that changes your financial circumstance… possibly forever.

Here’s How to Get Started Plus FAQs

Choosing the right Builder is a vital step to ensure you’re getting the quality, service and value you expect. With our 26 years of experience in the Central Queensland building industry, we’ve refined wholesale investment property construction to a pretty smooth and easy start-to-finish process.
Here’s how it all works…
#1 Your Initial Inquiry

Many customers first contact us after viewing our website – Here you’ll find a wide range of complimentary information. It’s yours to view at your convenience, so enjoy browsing through our most popular of 400 floor plans. Listen to our previous customers talking about their experiences whilst building with us. You can also watch our Housing Specialist Craig Kelly and I answer even more of your Frequently Asked Questions.

If you enquire by phone (07 4936 4531) our Housing Specialists will have an initial chat with you to discuss your basic requirements. Rest assured you’re getting the best advice possible…. Affordable Quality Homes Housing Specialists must have been a Registered House Builder for at least ten years. We’ll also invite you to our Display Home so you can see the finished product, including fixtures, fittings and colour selections.

#2 Real Time Viewing

Our Display Home is located at 24 Geoff Wilson Drive Crestwood and is an example of one of Affordable Quality Homes’ most popular designs. Your Housing Specialist will meet you there and give you time to wander through at your leisure. You’ll have access to a special section displaying no less than 300 of our standard designs. Your Housing Specialist will show you the plans most suitable to your budget and investment strategy, to ensure you get the design which gives you the best value.

#3 Purchasing land

We don’t offer ‘speculative homes’ ourselves, because we never compete with our valued customers. If you don’t already own a block, we are more than happy to help you navigate the process of finding the right block. We’ll then work out together which of our home designs best fits the site and offers the best return on your investment. Our reputable Financier will then assess your application for finance as a ‘complete package deal’.

#4 Site inspection

Our Housing Specialist will arrange to meet you onsite to assess your block of land. He’ll help you consider some of the following:

  • Building placement
  • Additional earthworks if required
  • Western summer sun and prevailing breeze
  • Best aspect (view)
  • Retaining or landscaping options

#5 Your Cost Sheet and Quotation

At this point, your Housing Specialist should have enough information to give you a reasonably accurate costing. We say ‘reasonably accurate’ since we cannot give you the full cost until an Engineer takes soil samples. The Engineer will also provide us with a ‘contour plan’ showing whether or not additional earthworks will be needed.

Your Housing Specialist will then compile all information and calculate the best possible price along with any inclusions. He will then arrange to sit down with you, present the information and answer any questions you may have.

#6 Colour selections

You will be invited to inspect the standard colour selection inclusions at the Display Home and meet our staff. Our Housing Specialist will show you the inclusions we have allowed for your home and how some may differ to what you requested. He will answer all your questions, introduce you to the team and explain their relationship to you in the construction of your new property.

#7 The Paperwork

Once we’ve worked through your due diligence, we’ll ask you to fill out the Preliminary Agreement. The Preliminary Agreement is not a contract as we still need the construction plans to be developed and approved. The Preliminary Agreement ensures the deal can be subject to a finance agreement. Then you’ll organize the finance, instruct us to begin the drafting process and draw up the contracts. The hard part is now over… congratulations! Now we build the house… and you look forward to owning your next investment property within a few short months.

As you can see, it’s a smooth and painless process. Because we’ve built over 2,000 homes in Central Queensland, we know the ins and outs of getting it done the right way in the shortest time possible, leaving you in control the whole time.

Ready to get started on your first step? Contact Affordable Quality Homes on 07 4936 4531 and speak to our Housing Specialists! Or visit and start browsing!

Frequently Asked Questions

You should be asking EVERY builder, including us, the following questions…

1. Are you a Wholesale Investment Home Builder who passes cost savings on to the customer?
2. How will you keep me informed of the progress of my building project?
3. What guarantees can you give me if something goes wrong; I’m not happy or I change my mind?
4. What incentives do you give me to build now?
5. Will you let me visit the construction site?
6. How long have you been operating in the area?
7. Do you specialize in building residential properties?
8. Do you have anyone who can recommend your work?
9. What are your hidden extras?
10. Can you show me pictures of your standard inclusions?
11. Are you reliable?

#1 Are you a Wholesale Investment Home Builder who passes cost savings onto the customer?
There’s money to be saved by building Wholesale… but you need to make sure YOU’RE the one benefiting the most. Builders can save a substantial amount of money by buying up in bulk from their supplier network, then adding the savings straight to their own bottom line. You need to make sure your builder is giving you the best deal possible by passing all cost savings directly onto you.
Affordable Quality Homes values an open, honest and transparent relationship with our customers. You’ll receive the full benefit of our wholesale purchasing power, based on over 20 years of great business relationships with our suppliers and partners. We are committed to helping you achieve your financial goals through wholesale property investment… it’s worth more to us than a few extra dollars in our bank account.

#2 How will you keep me informed of the progress of my building project?
We hear it all the time… many Builders don’t bother keeping you regularly informed about the progress of your project. They don’t seem to ‘get’ how much you’d like to know how your money is being spent. You also might find they don’t quite keep their subcontracting tradesmen informed either… leading to miscommunications, costly delays and even more interest drained from your bank account.
Affordable Quality Homes value your time, money and piece of mind just as much as you do. I’ve developed a quality control system I KNOW ensures your home will be completed to the highest possible standard, on time, on budget.
I visit each site personally twice per week, making sure all projects are running to schedule. I send you photos of the site after each visit, so you can see EXACTLY what I see. I then send you AND all of the subcontractors/suppliers a twice-weekly schedule update of the project. We find our systems allow everyone to be clear, transparent and up front… saving you time, money and stress.

#3 What guarantees can you give me if something goes wrong, I’m not happy with something or I simply change my mind?
No problem. Affordable Quality Homes offers you a list of guarantees we think you’ll find 100% amazing. When you put your trust in us to build your investment property, we proudly offer you the following guarantees:
• 6 year Structural Guarantee
• 3 year Defective Materials Guarantee
• 3 year Defective Workmanship Guarantee
‘The Most Staggering Builders Guarantee Ever!’… Affordable Quality Homes’ Full Money Back Guarantee.
If… for any reason or even no reason whatsoever… within six months of handover you change your mind, we will buy the house and land back at the price you paid for them.
We only have one condition on our Full Money Back Guarantee: you must have built one of Affordable Quality Homes’ 300 standard plans on a residential block using one of our standard colour selections. You may need to act soon… the Queensland Building and Construction has required us to limit this offer and keep them informed ….for obvious reasons. You need to lock it in before the quota is reached.
Only Central Queensland’s most confident and stable Builder could afford to offer you this outrageous, never-before-heard-of safeguard!
You’re probably thinking ‘yeah right, you’ll charge me extra for everything else ‘… absolutely NOT. We give you this extraordinary guarantee because a). we can afford to b). we have 100% confidence in the economic future of the region and c). we want your business!
But that’s not all…
Affordable Quality Homes believes YOU are the most important person in our business. Here is why we put our trust in you. We also offer you the following commitments to you, our highly valued customer.


You are always welcome to give us a ring, send us an email or drop into our office. You are the purpose of our business and we love hearing from you.
You will discover our commitment to making your building project an exciting, positive and stress-free experience for you.
You will never feel like an outsider… instead, you will feel like a valued part of Affordable Quality Homes.
You will never feel like ‘just another sale’…we treat you as a person with valid doubts, fears and concerns.
You will be listened to carefully. Our mission is to fulfill your wishes and requirements.
You will be treated with courtesy, attentiveness and professionalism. It’s the least we can do for you…our valued customer.
You will receive a quick response to any concerns you have during and after construction of your home.
If we live up to your expectations, we simply ask you to help us in return by recommending Affordable Quality Homes to your friends and family.

#4 What incentive do you give me to build now?
Apart from our incredible guarantees, we are offering you a COMPLIMENTARY BONUS if you decide to build within twenty-one days of your initial consultation with Craig.
And yes, it’s completely free!!
We will NOT be sneakily adding the cost of the garden somewhere else. Affordable Quality Homes likes to congratulate you for making informed decisions in a reasonable amount of time… and we know landscaping adds value to your property, allows you to charge higher rents and attracts much more tenant interest.

#5 Will you let me visit the construction site?
Many Builders say ‘no’. You might hear an excuse about ‘safety’ issues, first getting a Workplace Health and Safety ‘blue card’ and all sorts of other rules and regulations. Beware! Builders may say these things because they don’t want you onsite asking questions, issuing directions or taking ownership of the building process.
Affordable Quality Homes is happy to let you see your building works at any stage without notice. We’re here to help YOU achieve your goals; we value your input and interest. You’ll be given your site key at any time you’d like to inspect our progress. We’ll simply give you some common-sense safety instructions to follow while you’re there. We trust you’re smart enough to follow simple guidelines to protect your personal safety.

#6 How long have you been operating in the area?
We recommend you only use a Builder who’s been in operation for at least fifteen years. Why? These days, most businesses are doing well if they survive for five years at the most. A report by Dun & Bradstreet released in August 2016 found a disturbing 48% increase of Australian small businesses going bankrupt. It’s tough out there.
So, you should ONLY trust your investment dollars to a Builder with experience, longevity and zero overdraft debt to the banks. Affordable Quality Homes know exactly how to run a rock-solid profitable business… we do it exceptionally well all day, every day. Affordable Quality Homes have been operating successfully since April 1991 having constructed over 2000 homes in Central Queensland. Invest your money in a business that certainly WON’T be learning the ropes of small business at your expense.

#7 Do you specialize in building residential properties?
We call a Builder who does everything a ‘jack-of-all-trades’. You know what a jack-of-all-trades is master of…right? If you want someone to build you an office block, a school hall or re-stump your house… we’ll politely suggest you contact another building company.
Affordable Quality Homes are specialists. We concentrate on building low-set slab brick-veneer homes in Central Queensland. When you do it every day successfully for this long, it’s hard NOT to master every single process perfectly. So, if you’re looking to build a low-set slab brick veneer property as your next investment vehicle, you really should get in touch with the specialists.

#8 Do you have anyone who can recommend your work?
Before you make a decision, sign an agreement or pay a deposit, we recommend you talk with two people who’ve previously built with the Builder you’re considering. And ask the Builder if he has customer testimonials in low-set slab brick-veneer homes to show you.
Central Queensland is a small enough region for word to get around. You won’t have to search too hard to find someone who can give you their opinion. Notice which names are mentioned, how they’re rated and whether or not they seemed any good. We’re happy to bet you won’t find many other Builders aside from Affordable Quality Homes mentioned for exceptional service, prompt attention and quality workmanship.

#9 What are your hidden extras?
Building a home can be a complicated business for the customer. You simply cannot be aware of everything you may need to know or understand from the start. For example, building a home from scratch requires you to make quite a few decisions; from choosing exactly where to place a window…to selecting tile colours for the bathroom. There’s a pretty high chance you’ll change your mind about something at some stage. You need to be aware these changes can COST in Drafting fees. Many Builders outsource their Drafting to contractors…and contractors need to be paid every time they redraw a line on the plans.
Affordable Quality Homes employs an in-house Draftsman. If you change your mind about any aspect of the structural design, we will easily make adjustments at no cost to you, as many times you like before the plans are lodged with the Council. For all the other vague unknowns and mysteries you might be concerned about…STOP. We’ll tell you everything we possibly can upfront. The ONLY thing we cannot be sure of straight away is exactly what’s happening underneath the surface of the land you’ve purchased. Even then, we’ll run soil testing for you before we build anything. We’ll find out as soon as possible what we’re dealing with and make sure you’re always informed.

#10 Can you physically show me your standard inclusions?
You should only ever use a Builder successful enough to offer you the chance to view all products in a fully appointed display home. Would you prefer to see everything you’re spending good money on…or would you prefer to just guess? Ask your Builder – can you show me the following?

  • Tiles
  • Bench tops
  • Doors and handles
  • Tapware
  • Lighting
  • Paint finishes
  • Bricks and the mortar
  • Windows
  • Switch and power point plates
  • Wall oven and cook top
  • Roofing and gutters
  • Shower screens and mirrors
  • Ceiling cornices, skirting and architraves

You MUST be able to see all standard fittings and any choice of upgraded fittings. Don’t squander your cash making choices based on guesswork. Make sure you try before you buy.
You are welcome to view all of our fixtures and fittings at the Affordable Quality Homes’ display home at 24 Geoff Wilson drive Crestwood. We’re open between 10-5 Monday to Friday and 10-4 on Saturdays.

#11 Are you reliable?
We’ve all seen footage of TV journalists running after ‘Dodgy Brothers’ tradesmen speeding away in their utes. Watch ‘A Current Affair’ or ‘Today Tonight’ regularly enough and you’re bound to see a story featuring a ripped-off pensioner, shoddy building works and thousands of dollars gone missing.

So, we understand why you might feel suspicious about handing over money to a Builder. Sometimes it’s hard to know who you can rely on. We’d feel the same way if we were you!
You’ll be pleased to know there’s a fast and easy way to get an independent assessment of your building company. Visit the Queensland Building and Construction Commision online service Perform a license search on the building company you’re interested in. Use our license number if you like: 80879. You’ll find no record of complaints lodged against us with the Queensland Building and Construction Commision.

Let’s be honest, this doesn’t mean we’ve never had a situation which didn’t go exactly to plan… we’re not unrealistic! It simply means we’ve worked hard to address any problems or concerns our customers have rightfully raised with us. I do want to be up front with you… we sincerely regret having 9 customers who simply could not be satisfied no matter how hard I tried.
Some Builders are too proud to face unhappy customers and simply don’t do whatever they can to fix the situation. We welcome our customer’s feedback and do whatever it takes ensure everyone walks away from Affordable Quality Homes feeling absolutely satisfied. Our QBCC results speak for themselves – no record of complaints in over 26 years of operation. We’re extremely proud of this achievement!
So there you have it. You’re now armed with all the right information to choose your Builder. Contact the Rockhampton Builder who knows EXACTLY how to deliver your brand new low set slab brick veneer investment property… Affordable Quality Homes on (07) 4936 4531 or

How to progress quickly to get your investment working for you
You talk to a financer about your borrowing capacity

You purchase a block of residential land… your part is now nearly done!


You discuss your housing requirements with our Housing Specialist


You and the Housing Specialist conduct a site inspection of your block of land


The Housing Specialist will consider your best options and put forward a proposal for your review.

You and the Housing Specialist will discuss the details and your questions will be promptly answered

You authorise the plans to proceed by signing the Preliminary Agreement, subject to securing the finance.

You organise the deposit


The Housing Specialist arranges for your builder to come on board


The Builder organises the plans and the Queensland Building Contract

You read through the contract with the Housing Specialist. The Housing Specialist explains everything to you, discusses your concerns and answers of all your questions before you sign the agreement.


You choose the colours, fixtures and fitting from the Affordable Quality Homes standard selections.

You notify the Builder when your finance is approved

The Builder will tell you the plans are approved and ready to commence.

Sit back and watch your investment grow!

What AQH Customers Want You to Know…

We will certainly continue to build with Affordable Quality Homes

“We have enjoyed a relationship with Scott Kilpatrick and Affordable Quality Homes for approximately 25 years, when we first saw building Wholesale Investment Homes as a means to establish an extra income as well as paying our own home off.

Having done so, we continue to build Wholesale Investment Homes as a way to enjoy the extra benefits in life, while helping to ride the wave Central Queensland has been on for a number of years… especially given the lack of affordable housing in the areas of Rockhampton, Gracemere and Yeppoon.

Over the past 15 years we have built more than 30 Wholesale Investment properties and we will certainly continue to build them with Affordable Quality Homes. We’ve often had blocks of land presenting challenges… such as a particular size or shape or differing point of view… but we’ve had plans drawn up from the AQH draftsman Redmond which have suited the block, while maintaining the qualities required to attract as many potential buyers as possible to the end product.”

Simon Levitt – Wholesale Investment Builder and Director of AMDALU Investments Pty Ltd North Rockhampton. Ph: 0403 485 115

Investment Property Group of Australia IPGA Investor

I built a new (wholesale) investment house in Gracemere for investment. This was actually my first house for investment purposes. I was a little apprehensive I guess at first, taking such a big step and such a large investment, and particularly considering I spend a lot of time overseas.

Having gone through the process now and having a look at the finished product, I am really happy. I have been kept informed really well during the process of construction. It has gone really well and I am pleased with it

Michael Holics – IPGA Investor Wollstonecraft Sydney

Affordable Quality Homes quickly became the Obvious Choice

“We just wanted to say a big ‘Thank You’ to the good people at Affordable Quality Homes. Before we started looking for a Builder, we heard many stories, so we started asking for recommendations. Affordable Quality Homes quickly became the obvious choice. We have now built three houses with AQH and we recommend you build with them too”.
Local Pastors Bob and Leslie Bain – Life Church Christian Outreach Centre Ph 0412353550

Why Kilpatrick Built 33 Houses for Me even though I am also a Registered House Builder.

Once upon a time, I was one of Central Queensland’s biggest registered speculative Builders. I would think that I built most of the homes that are now rented to University Students. That was before mobile phones took off. In total frustration, in 1992, I marched in to Affordable Quality Homes office to do Scott and Meleese a deal. I told them I was frustrated because they were selling their homes cheaper than I could build them. I recommended AQH wholesale them to me and I sell them to my traditional customers. In one day, I went from being a House Builder to a ‘Build and Flip’ Investor and let AQH have the responsibility and stress. It was a win win win situation for everyone.
I remember teaching Scott to put a landscape garden in the front yard so retiree’s would realise it’s a brand new complete home with nothing left to do. They tell me, in 1994, I sold more homes than most Real Estate Sales People. Over three years, I built and sold 37 homes with Affordable Quality Homes. They even named standard house plans after me and my late wife Valencia.
I can tell you, my relationship with Scott, Meleese, their kid’s and staff, developed into more like a family relationship. When my wife passed away, they let me know I was a part of their family and genuinely took me in to their hearts.
Scott told me he wanted to honour me as a Mentor by giving you a landscape garden bed like I taught him. To this, I say, ‘Thank You Scott and Meleese. I am greatly honoured. I am also really honoured you devote so much effort to help others prosper.’

I would love to talk with you about those good times and answer any questions I can. Please phone me –
Trevor Dunnett 155 Glenmore Rd., Park Avenue. 0749271231

The Best Value Property You’ll Find in Rockhampton

“We’ve built several investment properties with Affordable Quality Homes, all of which I believe have been completed to a very high standard. They are probably the best value property you’ll buy in Rockhampton. We have no hesitation in recommending Affordable Quality Homes to anyone in the future. We’ll continue to
use them ourselves”.

Local Identity Steve McCosker – Mystique Jewelers Ph 07 49280004

I’ve had six houses built now with Affordable Quality Homes

“I’d like to say I’ve had six houses built now with Affordable Quality Homes and I’ve been very happy with the experience. What I liked most was the after-sales service. If there were any problems, they were fixed straight away with a smile”.

Lynda Ph: 07 4927 9164


“Very personal, first class service!”
Tavis and Elizabeth Hood
– North Rockhampton, QLD Ph: 0427015618


The Profits Have Been Great… We Got the Asking Price Straight Away!

“My wife and I have been building investment properties with Affordable Quality Homes for a number of years. We’ve built six so far and plan on building our next one very soon. We found the experience to be extremely rewarding. The profits have been great; in fact, we got our asking price straight away for the last house we sold. We were initially worried it was going to be a stressful experience, but it wasn’t at all. The Affordable Quality Homes team was always very good to answer any of our questions. We’re impressed with the quality of workmanship and quick time frames within which they’ve completed homes for us” Local Rockhampton Identity Dr Brad Lorraway – City Heart Medical Ph 07 49224124


Are you ready to join the long list of satisfied Affordable Quality Homes investment customers? Don’t wait another minute, call 07 4936 4531  to discuss your needs now.

The Most Staggering Builder’s Guarantee Ever!
Taking the next step to building wealth and investing in property is a big decision.
Yes, it’s exciting!
But it can also be a little daunting.
We understand many investors (maybe you too!) go through this period of mixed emotions. Don’t worry, it’s part of the process.
Working through these emotions is what separates wanna-be investors from the bona-fide ones.
We trust you’re in this second group.
If you are, you’ll see how we make this whole process as RISK-FREE as possible.
Like we said earlier, being Rockhampton’s largest wholesale investment builder comes with BIG advantages for you.
In fact, we offer you no less than the most confident and outrageous guarantee you’ve probably ever heard of!
Here it is…

If… for any reason or even no reason whatsoever… within six months of handover of your property, in the unlikely event you change your mind,

No, We’re Not Joking!

Our only condition on our Most Staggering Builder’s Guarantee Ever is that Affordable Quality Homes builds your home with one of our 300 standard plans on a residential block using a standard colour selection. We think that’s fair enough! No Builder dares match this guarantee. It shows how confident we are in what we do, and in the future of the Central Queensland housing and real estate markets.
Not only do you get this incredible 100% MONEY BACK guarantee, you’re also covered by our 3 “standard” guarantees…

Standard Guarantee #1 – 6 Year ‘Rock Solid’ Structural Guarantee
We’ve built low-set slab brick veneer homes every day since April 1991 so we know what we’re doing. In the very unlikely event something goes wrong structurally in the first six years, we’ll be back out addressing it ASAP at no cost to you.
Standard Guarantee #2 – 3 Year ‘As If’ Defective Materials Guarantee
We use only the best materials sourced from our trusted partners in the building industry. We know good quality products when we see them, and only ever use the highest quality materials in our homes. You can see for yourself in our display home. However, if ANY of our materials are found to be defective in the first three years, we’ll sort it out straight away… again at no cost to you. Yes! This even includes leaks.
Standard Guarantee # 3 – 3 Year ‘Not On My Watch’ Defective Workmanship Guarantee
All Affordable Quality Homes tradesman and our sub-contracting partners are guaranteed to be fully qualified specialists, registered and insured, before they step foot on your land. However, since we know pretty much everyone in the Central Queensland building industry, you can feel confident we’ve got only the best people working on our team. Still… in the almost impossible event someone makes mistake, we’ll come out immediately and fix it to ensure it meets Australian Standards. Australian Standards are known to the most stringent in the world, so you can be confident the problem will be absolutely solved.
So, if you’re as serious as we are about getting on with building your personal wealth through property investing, you need to TAKE ACTION NOW.
Here’s how…

Book your Affordable Quality Homes FREE “60 minute No Obligation Site Evaluation” (valued at $227.00) NOW to receive three extra bonuses! Here’s what you’ll get:
EXTRA BONUS #1 Value Priceless!

You’ll receive a golden ticket entry to the totally famous Affordable Quality Homes Monthly Prize Draw! You’ll have the chance each month to win some great prizes we know you’ll love. We’ve given away brand new cars, golf clubs, digital cameras and stacks more… now’s your chance to get into the action and see if you’ll be lucky enough to pick up a great complimentary prize!
EXTRA BONUS #2 Value $19

Your very own copy of Scott Kilpatrick’s book How to Succeed In Tough Times: Easy Ways to Survive and Thrive In Times Like This. This book reveals all you need to know about achieving personal and financial success and it’s yours FREE when you book your “60 minute No Obligation Site Evaluation”. You’ll find out ways to increase your value, learn 4 secret methods to succeed quickly and even learn the easiest way Scott knows to become wealthy using Scott’s ‘Cappuccino Millionaire Method’. EXTRA BONUS #3 Value $19

Sit back and watch your FREE BONUS DVD of the Answers to the 7 Most Common Questions You Should Know Before You Build. We want you to be as informed and confident as possible before you begin the building process, so we’ve produced this educational DVD guaranteed to answer all the things you should know before you start!

Why Are We Being So Generous?
You’re probably wondering why I’m offering you a ‘FREE 60 Minute No Obligation Site Evaluation’ as well as some great value extra bonuses. It’s simple. We’re giving you the chance to suss us out… no strings attached.
Even though you’ll have completed your self-assessment quiz, you may still not quite be sure if we’re the right Wholesale Investment Builder for you. Your free evaluation gives you the opportunity to meet us, ask any questions you like (not to mention save money on getting your site assessed later!) and really get a feel if this is the right thing for you.
If you’ve read this far we’re confident you’ll take the next step and book your site evaluation. Remember, it’s complimentary, comes without obligation and gives you a chance to let your gut instinct tell you if this is right for you. Rest assured, there will be no hard sell.

Next Step…
Contact Affordable Quality Homes NOW Call (07) 4936 4531

You need to book yourself into your complimentary “60 Minute No Obligation Site Evaluation” (valued at $227.00), where we’ll undertake a comprehensive assessment of the land, discuss your needs and requirements and then offer you our professional recommendation.

The smartest decision to make right now is to jump on the phone and give us a call on 07 4936 4531 to book a time that suits you.

Remember the amazing FREE gifts on offer when you book your complimentary “60 minute No Obligation Site Evaluation”

Simply Call (07 4936 5361) and book your Consultation.
A Happier, Stress-Free Financial Future Awaits You! ACT NOW!